Accessory Spotter: Very Cool Cellscope


We wish this was an actual accessory, but it’s cool enough to get an Accessory Spotter shout-out. It’s called a cellscope. It’s a microscope with a magnification of 5x-60x. We’re not sure how great that is, to be honest, but it does look kind of cool.

Here’s part of the blurb:

While wandering around the Maker Faire a few weekends ago, one of the projects that stuck with us was the Fletcher Lab at the University of California, Berkeley, have designed equipment to turn the camera of a standard cell phone into a diagnostic-quality microscope with a magnification of 5x-60x. Cell-phone microscopy will enable visualization of samples, followed by capture, organization, and transmission of images critical for diagnosis. This technology is applicable in a wide range of applications beyond diagnostic medicine.”

Um…Sounds rockin’!

Either way, you can check out more pictures here.

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