Adjusting International Setings on the iPad

Most people understand that a mobile device like the iPad is going to be traveling with its owner on a relatively consistent basis.  As we are growing into a more international world, this means that the iPad is destined to hit international skies for many users.  For them this means that they need to begin looking at the iPad’s international settings that will allow it to function under these conditions.  This also means applying international options that allow for multiple languages and regions of use.

The iPad’s international settings are designed to allow for international users to come in and out of using the iPad.  Go into Settings and then go down to General, which will be right below Picture Frame and above iCloud.  Here you have a few different options to help you accommodate to a change of language or region.  First, you can choose from a number of different languages you want to interact with on your iPad.  This ranges from English to French to Korean and beyond.  Below that will be the option to add keyboards that support different languages.

Below that will be Region Format, where you can determine what format you want based on the region you are in.  If you are maintaining a position in the United States then you may not need to do this, but if you are moving or staying long term in a different country then this will come in handy.  Below that will be a calendar change option, which will be set to the Gregorian calendar as default.  You also have the options to apply the Japanese or Buddhist calendars, which will come in handy if you are spending a long period of time in Japan or a Buddhist nation where you need to arrange schedules along these different expectations.

The next primary thing you want to do is to make sure that the Date & Time are going to adjust themselves correctly when you are in a new international location with your iPad.  Go into General in the Settings and go down to Date & Time, which will be right above keyboard and two slots above International.  Here you will want to make sure that Set Automatically is turned On.  From there you will want to go to the next option and make sure that the Time Zone is set for the location that you are in.  When you are traveling and re-connect to the Internet you will automatically re-adjust your time zone to the one that you are in.  You can also do this manually by turning off the Set Automatically switch and then going down and finding the correct Time Zone for your given international location.


The most important thing that you need to do when traveling internationally with an iPad is to adjust your cellular account if you have one.  This is not an issue for those that are only using Wi-Fi on their iPad, and the easiest solution will be to simply turn off your cellular data for the time you are traveling out of area.  If you do need to use cellular data on your iPad then you need to contact your carrier and purchase additional service options otherwise your data service will become exponentially expensive when you are in international locations.

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