Apple Acquires Redmatica

It looks like Apple may be maintaining its hegemony over the world of multi-media creation.  For years now Apple has been considered a leader in the world of audio and video, and their commitment to this type of software has made Apple such a leader in the creative professional fields.  With the release of programs like Final Cut X, many people began to question whether or not Apple was going to continue down this path.  It may be that they are going to maintain this area of the market by allowing for a more consumer-based model, and this is shown with one of their most recent corporate acquisitions.


Right now Apple is in the process of purchasing a small software company in Italy that is known for creating audio tools.  These include instrument development for use in sampling and sound editing tools.  This became public knowledge when AGCM, which is Italy’s anti-trust agency, approved the merger.  The company, called Redmatica, develops apps that allow creative professionals to utilize sample-based instruments.  They can then go along with other programs like Logic or Apple’s own GarageBand with the software connection.


On the iOS Redmatica has already created GBSamplerManager so that you can develop sample-based instruments that will then be utilized on the iOS’s version of Garage band.  What this would seem to say is that Apple is going to continue into the world of digital audio creation, and possibly employing its mobile devices to create shifting instruments through apps themselves.


The firm has yearly revenues that come it at less than 1 million euros, which is a testament to its small size.  Because of this the AGCM decided that its acquisition would not dull competition in the software market, but this could be one of several takeovers coming in the next few years.  Many have speculated that the acquisition is not for the brand or products themselves, but instead to bring the talented people behind Redmatica onto the Apple development team.


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