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Apple has wasted no time in updating its flagship online Apple Store.  Today’s series of WWDC announcements did not just include a look forward to the iOS 6, but also a series of dramatic hardware additions.  As quickly as the public was gifted with this information the Apple store was updating, which means that it is now the repository of some very dramatic updates.

One of the more dramatic new pages to the Apple Store is for the upcoming iOS 6.  At the iOS page here you will see the new and updated elements to the iOS, including the brand new maps features, the cellular additions to FaceTime, the additional elements in Siri, and more.  This is formatted in the same way that the iOS features have been displayed before, but now each slot has been changed to reflect the new iOS 6.

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The updates to the Apple Store are not just in terms of an iOS 6 preview, but actually new computer technology that is ready for purchase.  The new Macbook Pro, with the Retina Display that was originally made popular on the iPhone and iPad, is now available for those who are ready to frantically pull their credit cards from their wallets.  Like with the iOS 6, the new technology completely took over where the Macbook details and purchasing information was previously, and now you can look at the really specs about the newest incarnation of Apple’s legendary Macbook Pro.


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