China Grants iPad License

Communication technology has a much different release trajectory in China than it does over in the west.  The device must see proper licensing before it can be released in the country, and the process has pitfalls that are not familiar to other markets.  This hurdle may have been surpassed recently as the newest incarnation of the iPad, the iPad 3, has been given a network access license for release on the mainland of China.


China’s Telecommunication Equipment Certification Center confirmed that a license has been issued for the tablet, which may also ensure that the device will see a release in China relatively soon.  The device itself has been determined to be able to work with the standards set for wireless networks through 4G, and what has been set up through China Unicorn Ltd.  This comes as a great relief for Apple as previous releases of the iPad have dominated around eighty percent of the entire Chinese tablet market, which is one of the most pervasive in the world.  China as a whole will be shipping around 4.5 million tablets this year according to some estimates, and if the iPhone can secure the same percentage we are going to see one of the largest influxes of the iPad 3 so far.


Apple has held off on the Chinese market for the iPad 3 because of the recent issues over trademark, and the lawsuit started by Proview Technology Shenshen Co. Ltd. is still in litigation.  A certain amount of compensation has been offered to Proview and settlements are likely to be negotiated relatively quickly.


Though the license may have been issued, this does not act as concrete confirmation of the device’s release.  Some local governments within China have been confiscating iPad recently, which may show hesitancy on the part of the government to grant a release.  On the other hand this could be an issue strictly of local municipalities and not show a centralized directed.  China Unicom, which acts as Apple’s partner, has not set a release schedule at all even though the previous iPad model came onto the market only a few weeks after the license was given.

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