Facebook Is a Part of the iOS 6

The basic functionality of the iPhone, and other smartphones, has made social networking just as practical for communication as the more established cell phone features, like text messages and phone calls.  Instead of trying to fight it, the iPhone ran with it by allowing for so many important social networking apps and final integration of Twitter in the iOS 5.  Many people wondered why Twitter was chosen over Facebook, though it was likely just because of the simple and quick nature of the “tweet” format.  Now FaceBook has seen its due.


Today at the World Wide Developer’s Conference the iOS 6 preview included new built in apps and additional features to those that have become popular, such as Siri and FaceTime.  Along with the new elements is FaceBook, which is being fully integrated into the iOS in a way that is familiar to the Twitter integration.  This goes much further than the FaceBook app, though this should be installed and the features included in that are also increasing in response to the changing FaceBook format and the increasing mobile use of the service.


In each of the built in areas of the iOS 6 you can plug in the FaceBook social networking features.  In Photos and Camera you can share an image directly to FaceBook without having to actually utilize the FaceBook app, at least once your account has been logged in and connected to your iDevice.   Your status and progress in various games can be shared to your News Feed directly through Game Center, which really does act as a social media foundation for gaming.  You will also be able to identify and post your Location on FaceBook with the updated Maps feature, which is going to change the way that GPS and directions are working on your devices.


Along with this you are going to see a connection between FaceBook events and your Calendars, which will become incredibly important for people that utilize social networking for outreach and Calendars for personal scheduling.  The information for a person’s FaceBook profile will be integrated into your Contacts, which is important since many people note that 85% of their phone Contacts are also on their FaceBook friends list.


This could only be the first step of what you can do with FaceBook from these devices, and we may later be able to see integrations of Siri, FaceTime, and even other apps.  Beyond this we may be able to see more social networking tools brought into the iOS, such as Instagram or Tumblr.  I guess this is a part of looking forward to the iOS 7.

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