FaceTime to Be Available On Cellular Data


As has been the trajectory for some time on the iPhone and iPad, another feature is moving over from Wi-Fi only to cellular service.  At today’s World Wide Developer’s Conference the iOS 6 was unveiled in all its prefigured glory, including the updates to many of the existing features.  One of the most stand out of these was the Apple FaceTime will now be available on cellular data.

As most users know, FaceTime was only available through a Wi-Fi connection because of the heavy data usage.  Now that the iPhone is available on three carriers and there are moving to 4G connections, Apple has decided to allow FaceTime through either cellular data or Wi-Fi connections.  This is going to create an interesting situation for Verizon and AT&T users, many of which are on very limited data plans.  Since FaceTime could be relatively data intensive, then it could force many users to go over their data limits.  This could lead to an increase in available data plans or will simply be a way for carriers to force users into a larger financial commitment or set of penalties.

Because of the data issues, it is still going to mean that Wi-Fi is the best option for connection with FaceTime.  Since FaceTime has not proven to be incredibly integrated into most people’s usage it may be a fine option that simply will open up its availability, but if it is being used regularly then it is best to lock down with strong Wi-Fi connections.  What this will mean is that you will have to consciously make sure that you are not using cellular data ahead of time, which will require a little more thought before use.


This was only one of many different updates to more established iOS features, and it may simply show that the iOS 6 is going to take the existing elements to the next level.

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