Five Years of iPhone—Five Years of iPhone Announcements

 iPhone 4S

The iPhone has been around for five years. From it’s original introduction in 2007, when Steve Jobs announced the new phone that had already been rumored for so long, to last October when Tim Cook and Phil Schiller hit the stage to show the world the iPhone 4S. The device has been winning the hearts of users everywhere.

Let’s take a look at the each iPhone announcement from the original to the current model, the iPhone 4S.

The Original iPhone



iPhone 3G


iPhone 3GS


iPhone 4


iPhone 4S


What’s the future hold for the iPhone?

We’ve heard plenty of rumors about the next iPhone. There is no doubt in our minds that Apple has something in mind, and we will be seeing it soon. After all, they do update yearly. The only question on our minds is what will the new features be, and what will it look like?

Oh well, that’s what keeps us interested.

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