How Much Memory Does an iPad Have?

Storage space has become a very abstract concept in the world of mobile computing.  It used to be that storage space was ever increasing to accommodate the increasing types of files that there were, and, in a sense, that remains true.  But one of the differences is that many online services have taken over the media distribution that normally took up an incredible amount of personal computing storage space as well as remote storage methods that begin to reduce the necessity of large-scale on-site storage space.  This has not removed the need for sufficient storage space on mobile devices, but has changed how this looks.  With this in mind, how much memory does an iPad have?  The answer to this is relatively simple, but takes a look at availability and diversity.


The primary way to look at the iPad today is that there are three primary models of available storage, and for each one you are able to get either a W-Fi only model or one that is enabled for cellular service.  There are 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB models.  This storage space is meant to support video files, music, apps, photos, documents, and all the other types of communication and data features that it has.


This is not, however, the end of the available storage space for the iPad models.  iCloud enables a “cloud storage” system for each iOS device, which means that it is a storage option that is off-site from the device.  Your available storage is then put on a foreign server that is then accessed through the internet, though it acts as your own personal storage.  This can actually act as an additional storage space on your iPad, and every user gets 5GB for free.  This would make a 16GB iPad have the option to actually be 21GB, though it is often just used for backing up the same content since this is a basic function included in the iCloud settings.  Beyond this you also have the option to purchase more iCloud storage space, so the available space can only increase.



The question, how much memory an iPad has, is relevant only in as much as it helps you determine how much available space there is for the needs you have.  If you are utilizing services like HBO GO or Netflix over having video files on your device, then it lowers the overall storage necessity.  If you use Pandora and Spotify rather than having large music playlists then it will also lower your needs.  If you are not using large photo albums, excessive numbers of apps, or an incredible number of documents, then storage space will be less of an issue.  The reality is, however, is that it is rarely apps and games that will take up your iPad storage space, but instead the kind of files that collect on your home computer.  Instead, the way that most people use the iPad is app centered and in those situations the available storage space goes a long way.  This may show that you can survive on a 16GB storage space even though you have maxed out your home computer’s hard drive.

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