How to Change the iPhone Text Sound


The iPhone text sound is part of its brand identity.  Similar to the Mac OS start up tone, the iPhone text sound is one of the clearest ways to identify an iPhone.  In movies, on the street, and even across a table, it reminds you that the iPhone is out there permeating our culture.  But what if you want to figure out how to change the iPhone text sound?  This can be a simple way to make your iPhone alerts a little more unique and less homogeneous.


The first thing that you want to do when figuring out how to change the iPhone text sound is to go in the regular iPhone Settings.  Go to Sounds, which is the top option in the second block of options, right above Brightness.

In here you are going to see a number of different “sound” options for your iPhone, often relating to alerts.  Here you can choose to turn Vibrate on or off, turn up or down the volume of the ringer alerts, change the ringtone, and more.  Right below Ringtone you can see that Text Tone is an option.

The default for the iPhone Text Tone is often None, so you may already have nothing set to your iPhone’s text. Once inside you can see where the check mark is, which indicates what tone you already have selected.  Go through the large list of sounds like Anticipate, Bloom, Calypso, Fanfare, Noir, and Sherwood Forest, to find the one you want.  Select it, and the check mark will transfer to that sound.  This will change the iPhone text sound to what you selected, and at the top of that screen there will also be an option to Buy More Tunes.  This link will take you into iTunes, where you will find a variety of text sound options that often cost just over a dollar.

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