How to Name and Add Photo Albums to iPad

The iPad’s photo library is not just an amorphous blob of all your photos, which would be a nightmare for the modern photographer.  For people who now have unlimited storage and social networking photo albums and phones with sufficient cameras, it would create clutter on the iPad’s Photo section to have things without a basic sense of organization.  This is why you can create and use photo albums on the iPad, which makes it a wonderful device you can use the Slideshow on for viewing pictures.  But how do I name my photo albums on my iPad photo library?

Go into your iPad’s Photo section, and once in you will notice that at the top there is a tab selected for Photos directly next to a tab selected for Albums.  Select this Albums tab and it will take you to a screen where it lists all of your albums.  There will always be albums here, even if it is just Saved Photos or Last Import.  Saved Photos are all the images you just saw in the Photos tab, and last import are photos you may have imported from your computer using iPhoto or another option.


The best way to figuring out how you name photo albums in the iPad photo library is to actually go back on your computer and manage and name them there.  First, you want to locate your photos and put them into the correct photo album.  Go into iPhoto and look at your photo.  For most people, these will automatically be photos that you have synced and imported here from your iPad or iPhone.  If you want to bring in more photos to iPhoto so you can group them into albums, or add them to existing albums, go to file and Import.  This way you can browse around, select them, and then pull them into an album.


Once you have all the photos you want to go into a proper album then you will begin grouping them up.  Go to File and select New Album, which will give you an album selection screen.  Here you can choose from Album, Smart Album, MobileMe, Slideshow, Book, Card, or Calendar.  You can enter a name for the album into the blank slot, which is the primary place that you name your photos albums on your iPad photo library since this will end up being there.  If you have already highlighted some photos before doing this you can hit the check box next to the “Use selected items in album” line.

This will create the album, and it will sit as an icon under the Albums heading in iPhoto at the bottom of the left hand panel in iPhoto.  Here is will be directly under your devices, and you can open it to look at the photos in the album.  If you want to add other photos from iPhotos into the newly created, and named, album, you just select it and then drag and drop it onto the icon for the album in the left hand panel.

Now you have to arrange to sync your named photo albums back to your iPad photo library.  To do this you will plug in iPad, open up iTunes, and then select the iPad from under the Devices heading in the left hand panel.  In the main window select Photos from the upper tab options, which is the far right choice next to Books.  Here you will see an empty check box next to “Sync Photos from.”  Once you check this it will automatically set iPhoto as the location to sync the photos from, or you can choose to manually select the photos from your computer.  Below that you can choose to either get all the photos, albums, Events, and Faces you have in iTunes, or to just go with specifically selected ones.  Choose either option you want and once you have finished the select hit the Apply button in the lower right hand corner.  This will bring the named album onto your iPad during the sync, and when you go back into the Albums tab in the Photo app you will see that album there under the correct name.  The only unfortunate restriction here is that you cannot just easily rename existing albums when they are on the iPad, but instead will need to create or alter them on your actual computer.

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