How To Remove Apps from the iPad


Apps are not a permanent feature on any iPad, and instead they are a way that you customize the kind of features, tools, and games this device provides.  Just as easily as you can download, sync, and install these apps on your iPad, you can figure out how to remove apps from the iPad.  Here is an easy look at how you would remove apps from the iPad quickly and easily.

The baseline way to remove an app from an iPad is to simply have it deleted from the iPad as it is.  First, find the app you want to remove, press and hold your finger on it.  All the apps will begin shaking and will have an “X” in circle in their upper left hand corner.

When you select that X in the corner of the app you want to remove it will give you a prompt that will ask you if you really want to delete the app, which you will then confirm by selecting the delete button.  This will get rid of the app from the desktop and you will now see a vacant space where it once was.


This will remove the app from your iPad, but there is a possibility that the app will simply return when you sync to your Home computer.  This could happen if you downloaded the app on your computer and synced it to your iPad rather than just downloaded it to your iPad, though it could still be saved on your computer in either situation through the back up process.  What could happen is that you will do the sync; it will notice that the app is not present, and re-sync it to your computer.  To permanently remove apps from the iPad you will need to identify and delete it on your computer’s iTunes as well.

Open up iTunes and go to the Apps option under the Library heading in the left hand panel.  It should be directly below books and above Tones.   In the main window it will list all the apps that you have download for your iPad, and here you can begin searching for the app that you have been looking to remove.  If you have been managing your apps and determining exactly what one go on your iPad then there may be more here than you actually have active.

Go ahead and right click the App you want to delete and then choose Delete.  A prompt will come up asking if you want to remove the selected item and put it into the computer’s Trash, or if it should be kept in the iTunes Media Folder.  Choose the Move to Trash button.  This will get rid of the file permanently from your computer.

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