How to Restart a Frozen iPhone

iPhone 4S

The iPhone really does operate as a miniature computer, operating different applications with its own processing power. Just like a regular computer, it can overload and freeze.  This may mean that it becomes unresponsive, not allowing your to open or close applications or do basic calling functions.  In these cases you need to know how to restart a frozen iPhone, which can be counterintuitive to many who have used more traditional mobile phones.  The question now is “My iPhone is stuck, how do I turn it off?”  This is actually more simple than it sounds.

What you realize that your iPhone is stuck and you want to figure out how to turn it off you are looking to do a hard off and on.  This means manually turning the iPhone off and on.  To do this you need to hold down the Wake button, which is on the top of the iPhone towards the right side, and the home button at the same time.  Hold them in unison for a few seconds until the screen changes and there is a slide option that will turn the iPhone off.  Do this and the progress circle will come up momentarily before the iPhone shuts off.


After a few moments you will want to turn it back on.  Hold down the Wake and Home buttons again until the Apple logo appears in the middle of the black touch screen.  The iPhone will re-engage shortly and the lock screen should return, with the iPhone back to normal usage.


If this does not repair the “stuck” appearance of the iPhone then you have a few options.  First, you can try to sync the iPhone to your home computer or to simply plug it in to charge it.  This could shock the iPhone into working correctly, and a sync may be enough data interference to bring it back to life.  If none of this works then you will need to take it to the Apple Store and have them do a hard reset, and when you return home you can re-sync it to your computer so that you can get all the back up content onto it once again.

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