How to Save PDFs to iBooks in iPhone

iBooks is the iOS answer to the e-book phenomenon that is revolutionizing how an entire generation reads.  Like devices such as the Kindle and the Nook, iBooks allows you to purchase and read books in a digital format where as the touch screen acts as an illuminated page that you can browse through as if you were really turning a paper page.  iBooks is really built around the purchase and presentation of e-books that are prepared for that format, but it also allows for outside content to be read within the iBooks presentation.  The most central of these are PDFs, which are great presentation for designed document files that need to be easily read.  These are often used to look at, and print, documents on a computer, but they also port exceptionally well to the iPhone touch screen.  Here is a look at how to save PDFs to iBooks on the iPhone.

The primary thing about saving PDFs to the iPhone is how you want to do it.  The most central way to complete this task is to do it from your home computer and then sync it over to your iPhone.  To do this you need to begin by identifying the PDF that you want to sync over to your iPhone.  It should also go without saying that you have download and installed the free iBooks apps for your iPhone.


If you go into iTunes and then look at the left hand panel you will be able to find Books under the Library heading, directly under iTunes I and above Apps.  Here you will see all the books you have downloaded from iTunes, but also the PDFs that you may have wanted to use on your iPhone.  If you have downloaded or created a PDF that you want to save to iBooks on your iPhone then you can go ahead and drag and drop it onto this display so that it is available.  It may not be easily arranged when selecting the Authors or Categories organizational choice, but it will be made available.

Plug in your iPhone and then select it from under the Devices heading in the left hand panel.  In the upper selection bar of the main iTunes window choose Books, which is in between iTunes U and Photos.  Here you will be presented with the different options for actually syncing books to your iPhone.  Check the box next to Sync Books, and then you will have the choice to allow all the books to be synced or just selected books.  If you have a lot of books here and you are just figuring out how to save a specific PDF to iBooks on the iPhone then you may want to choose “Selected books.”  Then check the box next to the PDF, or PDFs, you are trying to sync.  Once you are done go down and hit Apply, which will apply the settings you just made.  Then go ahead and sync the iPhone and you will have transferred the PDF you chose to your iBooks library on your iPhone.


The other option you have if you are looking at how to save PDF’s to iBooks on the iPhone is to simply save them directly from the Internet to the iPhone when using Safari.  To do this you can open up a PDF in your browser when you locate it.  When you are looking at the PDF in Safari you will notice that you have the option to open it in iBooks, which is best since it allows for a better reading display.  When you do this it will save the PDF to your iBooks, which is also a good indication that you should start clearing out old PDFs when you are done with them.

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