How to Use the iPad Picture Frame

The iPad is an interesting device in that it not only a mobile computer with specialized applications and uses, but it is also an easily viewable and transportable device that can be used to look at content.  One of these primary elements has been photos since it’s display and size make it an easy way to show, and browse through, photos.  Apple has made this even more specific and user friendly by including the Picture Frame feature, which transforms your iPad’s photo collection into a moving photo album.  Here is a look at how to use Picture Frame on the iPad correctly.

The iPad Picture frame is actually a feature that comes up on your iPad’s lock screen.  When you are in the lock screen you will see a button to the ride of the unlock slide that looks like a box with a potted flower in it.  When you press this it will enter into the iPad’s Picture Frame mode, which is similar to a moving picture frame.  What will happen is that images will begin appearing, and shuffling through, from your Photo library.  These images will be positioned, and will transition, in a way that is determined in your Picture Frame settings.  The idea with this is to select it and then to position your iPad, often using its case, so that it can sit up and act as a viewable object in a space.  In this way you can just plug it in and leave it for long periods of time in a room so that it can simply be a transitioning photo frame.  Since this photo slideshow is part of the Auto-Lock screen it will maintain itself, even if you were to press the Home button.

It is important to go through and make changes to the Picture Frame settings because there are different ways that they can appear.  There can be multiple images on screen at once, they can fold in at different angles, and can also be in different perspectives.  To begin making these changes go into Settings and choose Picture Frame, which is directly below Brightness & Wallpaper and above General.  The top options are for what kind of Transitions you want, which can be a standard Dissolve or to have them fold in on themselves with an Origami feature.

Below that will be a choice on how long you want to actually show the photo for, the default is for three seconds.  You have the option to extend it to five, tend, or twenty seconds, or even to shorten it to two.  There will be an On / Off switch for a feature that automatically zooms in on face, which is set to On as a default.  There is also a Shuffle option that you can turn on, which will randomly shuffle through the image.


Towards the bottom will be options to either show all the images you have in Photo, or to choose from specific Albums or Events.  Once you select one of these you will then choose from a list of available Albums or Events, respectively.  Once you do it will determine exactly what images are available for the Picture Frame display.

If you actually want to choose what images are going to be in the picture frame you can alter what images are in your Photos section.  You can go ahead and create a Picture Frame specific album, such as family pictures or images from a trip.  This is a lot better in case there are a lot of screenshots on your iPad or there is a huge volume of photos.

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