How to Use Twitter on the iPad

The iOS 5 has made social network a priority and has set Apple’s eyes on Twitter.  This new social media tool has been integrated into all areas of your iPad through the newest incarnation of its operating system so it is no longer simply a third party app that you can open when you want to share your opinion with the world.  Instead you can find it is all the features around, and the settings are built right into the iPad.  Here is a look at how to use Twitter on the iPad and how to adjust its basic settings.


The first thing you have to note is that even though Twitter is implanted into areas of the iPad, the app itself is not.  There are a variety of different Twitter apps available at the App Store, many of which that are specialized such as politicians or other topical categories.  You can also get the official iPad Twitter app, which allows you to connect to your Twitter account in the standard way.  This is often the best choice because it allows you to interact with Twitter in a way that is comparable to using the website and will allow you to monitor the way that you use it within the iPad functions.

Twitter on the iPad is controlled via regular Settings that are alongside the other built in iPad functions.  To manage these you go into the regular Settings area and choose Twitter, which is directly under Mail, Contact, Calendars and above Safari.  Here it will show that the Twitter app has been installed if it is and you can enter in your proper username and password.  You can also link to create a new Twitter account if you do not already have one.

Once you sign in it will list your Twitter account name.  Below that will be an Update Contacts option, and this will use the information from your iPad’s contacts to then add Twitter user names and images to your contacts.  This can be a great way of centralizing your different communication functions.  You can also go ahead and add another account if you are utilizing multiple Twitter accounts.

Below that will be a list of some apps that you can use your Twitter account.  This is typically different iPad social networking apps that are associated, such as the Twitter app itself or YouTube.  When you are in an app like YouTube you will begin to see what the most installed Twitter feature is on the iPad.  When you are watching a video you can go to the Share button at the top, which is in between the Add and the Like options.  A menu will come up that will allow you to add the video to your favorites list, email a link to that video, or Tweet it to the associated Twitter account.

When you do this a prompt will come up with a blank spot for you to add your Twitter message, and the video will be associated in the message.  When you write the message and hit the Send button it will send out to your Twitter feed so that your followers can view the video and read your message.

This feature is extended to other areas of the iPad and work in a similar way.  If you go into Photos, enter an album, and then select an image, you will see the button in the upper right hand corner that has a curved arrow coming out of a rectangle.  If you select this you will be given several options such as Email Photo, Assign to Contact, Copy Photo, Print, Use as Wallpaper, or Tweet.  If you select Tweet you are given a similar prompt where you can add a message to the image and then send it out to your news feed.


These built in elements are not to take away the integration that Twitter already has with the different social networking services.  You can work out integration between Twitter and Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, and others on their own, and though these will be usable and integrated on the iPad, they are not through built in iPad functions.


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