iPad Wallpaper and Brightness Settings

The iPad itself utilizes the Retina Display to create a vibrant experience where you interact with your virtual workplace, customizing it as you go through.  How you actually look at the screen is governed by a few key elements: the iPad wallpaper and the iPad’s screen brightness.  These are intimately connected on the iPad, and they actually have their settings right together.  Here is a look at how to adjust the settings for the brightness of the iPad’s screen and the iPad wallpaper.

Go into Settings and then select Brightness & Wallpaper, which will be right below Location Services and above Picture Frame.  Here you will have two key settings options.  First, you have the option to adjust the iPad screen brightness, and the default will likely be that Auto-Brightness is turned On.  This means that the iPad’s screen brightness will adjust to how bright the surroundings are, so that it can be seen more easily but does not become over bright and waste the iPad’s battery life.  You can turn this off and then adjust the iPad’s screen brightness along a bar that ranges from dim to bright.  This allows you more control, yet the Auto-Brightness is going to be the easiest solution to getting a nice balance between visibility and iPad battery life preservation.

Below that is the Wallpaper option and you will see two displays, the lock screen and the desktop.  When you select this it will take you to another screen where you can choose from conventional iPad wallpaper options that are saved or different images that you have saved to Photos.

Once you have found an image that you want you can look to the upper right hand corner and see three options.  Set Lock Screen, Set Home Screen, and Set Both.  This is so that you have a few different options for how you want to apply your iPad wallpaper.  You can have that image just be in the lock screen, just be in the home screen, or be consistent with both.  Once you choose what one you want it will be applied and you will return to the previous menu.


If you want to customize or find your own iPad wallpapers you can simply take, save, or screenshot different images on the device.  Then you can go back into the iPad wallpaper settings, look through your different albums, find the image that you wanted, and apply it to your wallpaper in the exact same way.

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