Microsoft Surface: What is it?

 Microsoft Surface

Microsoft has announced the Surface. It’s a new device that breaks Microsoft’s previous trend of delivering the software for hardware makers to deliver on. In other words, Microsoft has developed their own hardware and software for their entry into the tablet space.

Microsoft revealed some details about the tablet. Let’s take a look at what we know now.

1) 10.6-inch HD touchscreen

The Microsoft Surface has a 10.6-inch touchscreen. That’s approximately one inch larger than the iPad, which has a screen size of 9.7 inches.


2) Front- and rear-facing cameras

Microsoft’s tablet has both front- and rear-facing cameras. This tells us that it’s likely to have Skype integration given Microsofts purchase of the company last year.


3) 1.5 pounds, 9.3mm thick

The Surface tablet weighs in at 1.5 pounds. That’s about the weight of a first-gen iPad. It’s 9.3mm thick, which is the slightest bit thinner than the iPad’s 9.4mm.


4) Attachable hardware keyboard

The device has a case that flips out to become a hardware keyboard. This aspect is seemingly to help capture the ultrabook market as well.


5) Kickstand

The tablet also has a kickstand. Not only can it be used when typing, it comes in handy when watching movies or YouTube.


6) Window 8

This tablet will run on Windows 8, which hasn’t been released yet. However, the interface is much more tablet-friendly, and is similar to what we see on the Xbox hub or Windows phones.


7) Available this fall

No release date was announced, but the tablet will be available this fall.


8) 32- and 64GB versions

Looks like there is no 16GB tablet for Microsoft. It’s coming in 32- and 64GB flavors. Storage capacity is always welcome.


9) Priced “comparably” with other tablets

The tablet will be priced “comparably” with other tablets. We’re guessing they mean the iPad. That said, there is no 16GB version. That means we imagine it will range in price similar to the higher-capacity iPads.


10) Full OS in Some Versions

Some of the tablets, which will be available in 64- and (later) 128GB versions, will have a full version of Windows 8 rather than a tablet OS. These are said to be more along the price range of ultra books (around $1000.)


Are You Ready for a Windows Tablet?

It should be very interesting to see the approach that Microsoft takes with their tablet. Will they focus on the tablet consumer, or on the shopper who wants an ultrabook?

We will have to learn more details when Microsoft gives out more information and finally when they release the device.


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