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Apple today released their Podcasts app. It’s a standalone app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that gives users podcast listening within their own app.

It’s very simple and easy to navigate, even for those with big thumbs. It automatically includes the Podcasts you subscribe to and those that are on your iOS device. You won’t have to find them again, but that may be a given.

The app has the Catalog section, which takes you to the iTunes Store for more Podcasts. Library will let you look through your downloaded podcasts.

The playback screen is pretty cool. It’s an animated reel-to-reel tape machine with a few controls. One is the scrubber, so you can move back and forth through the Podcast. The other allows you to slow down playback or speed it up (with a turtle icon for slower, and a rabbit for faster).

You can also share Podcasts via email, Twitter, or Messages. We imagine that Facebook will be added with iOS 6. The interface also allows for the user to skip back in increments of 10 seconds or forward in 30.

One of the coolest additions? A Sleep timer. It can be set for those who like listening to Podcasts as they unwind. It can shut down after five, 10, 15, 30, 45 minutes or one hour. Since I enjoy listening before bed, it’s a nice little addition. Sometimes I start dozing before the show is over, and don’t remember much of what was said later, but it helps me relax, so I don’t mind.

You can check out the app below. It’s free on the App Store:



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