Report: Foxconn CEO Calls Next-gen iPhone the ‘iPhone 5’


The rumored body of the iPhone 5 (or whatever Apple decides to call it)

Some believe that the next-generation iPhone will be called the iPhone 5. It’s possible, but we also expected iPad 3 a few months ago when Apple introduced their tablet as simply ‘the New iPad.’

 However, Foxconn’s CEO was speaking recently about how far their manufacturing is ahead of Samsung, and he referred to the next-generation Apple handset as the iPhone 5. Here’s a portion of the report:

Reports from people at the press conference say he claimed that consumers should hold off from buying the Samsung Galaxy S3, as it will be ‘put to shame’ by the iPhone 5.

We don’t know for sure how much of an indication that is of the name. We’re more inclined to believe that Apple hasn’t revealed the name even to manufacturing partners, as they are notoriously secretive. It’s possible that it will be called the iPhone 5, but Apple can always throw in a new naming convention, just like they did with the iPad.

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