Report: Siri Still Isn’t As Accurate As Google’s Text Search


A study from Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster found that Siri’s search isn’t quite up to par with that of Google’s when if comes to mobile. Given that Siri is still in beta, that it’s likely to be part of the problem.

Here’s how the tests were run (via MacRumors):

The study included presenting Siri with 800 queries in each of two environments, a quiet room and a busy urban street, and then assessing Siri’s ability to correctly interpret the queries and provide correct responses. Specifically addressing the outdoor testing, Munster notes:

While Google comprehends 100% of searches, Siri was only able to comprehend 83% of the prompted questions on a busy Minneapolis street. In terms of answer accuracy, Siri correctly answered 62% of queries on the street compared to Google’s estimated 86% answer accuracy. Based on these results, we give Google an A+ for comprehension and a B+ for accuracy while we give Siri a B for comprehension and a D for accuracy.

We also wonder how they were asked. The way Siri functions is quite different from Google’s search. Siri uses natural language while Google’s is more like dictation, at least in my experience. Either way, we will see how things go, especially now that Android is getting Siri-style functionality.

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