Report: The Next iPhone’s Port WIll Be Magnetic and Block Out Unlicensed Accessories

iPhone 5 rumored back

We don’t know how true this is, but one of the biggest rumors is that that iPhone will get some new kind of port for charging.

 If the reports circulating the internet are true, the new port will be magnetic. Similar to the MagSafe ones found on MacBooks. It will also be much smaller than the current iPhone connector. The main thing is, however, that it seems as if it will have some sort of chip built into it that will lock out unlicensed third-party accessories. This means that Apple will have control over what manufacturers can make for their devices.

While we don’t like the idea of having to buy new accessories and charging cables for our iPhone, and knowing that now we will have to carry two separate cords, etc, sucks, we do like knowing that it’s smaller and thinner, allowing for a smaller iPhone. That’s something. It’s also said that the smaller port will give room to other key components such as the speaker and microphone.

The next iPhone, or iPhone 5 as many are calling it, is said to have a longer (taller) form-factor, giving it a near-widescreen aspect ratio. It’s likely to debut this October, as the iPhone 4S did in 2011.

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