Spotify to Begin Offering Free, Ad-Driven Radio Service


Spotify is going to be offering a free radio service much like Pandora. Users will be able to listen to music based on playlists and genres. It will be ad-driven, just like similar services.

 Users can also give songs they like a “Thumbs Up” so that it can be played back on their computer at a later time. That’s very cool for discovering new music.

It seems that this is a move not only to compete with the other services, but to entice consumers who may be using it to make the decision to upgrade their Spotify account and go ad-free or mobile. This will also give them the ability to choose the songs they want to listen to as the radio-style listening simply plays a stream of music based on the station they choose.

Currently, this is only available on iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad.

Check out Spotify Mobile. What’s cool is that you do get a free 48-hour trial of the service if you want to use it the way you do on your computer. From then on, it’s radio listening with ads, until you pay up.












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