What Can We Expect From iOS 6?


We’re sure there will be some iOS 6 news coming soon. We just don’t know what kind of announcements will come regarding Apple’s mobile operating system. There were a few leaked photos of what is alleged to be the new Maps app, but that’s pretty much all we have so far.

Let’s take a look at some of the rumors that have been floating around the internet.

1) New Maps App

This one is the one we’ve heard a few times already. Supposedly, Apple is going to introduce a new Maps app with iOS 6. This one will have a few new features such as better navigation and a 3D map view. It will be interesting to see what Apple adds to this one. Their current mapping app is quite lacking.


2) Enhanced iCloud Features 

iCloud was introduced last year along with iOS 5 and Lion. It does some things pretty well, but there is still a bit of a ways to go when it comes to integration across our devices. We have also heard that it will add photosharing, giving it a bit of a social element. We will surely see what’s new in Apple’s cloud service when Tim Cook delivers his keynote. Later today.


3) Tighter OS X Integration

One thing Apple has been working hard to do is to tightly integrate iOS and OS X. We expect more in the area, as the company wants to create a stable, unified ecosystem between their devices and computers. Let’s just hope Apple has more to show with Mac OS X Mountain Lion, which may add several features to help it work more closely with iOS. We’re sure it will involve a release date as well.


When Will We See iOS 6?

Aside from a preview at the keynote, we’re sure Apple will tell us exactly when we can expect iOS 6 to arrive. If we had to guess, we would say October, in order to come alongside the new iPhone. Still, that doesn’t have to be the case. They could always say it’s due next week, or next month. We just have to sit tight and wait for this one.





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