What’s New in iOS 6?


Apple has released iOS 6 beta to developers. It’s still a bit spotty in some areas, but that’s expected of a beta. However, some have found a few new features and additional details in the latest version of iOS, some of which haven’t been formally announced or talked about by Apple.

Let’s take a look at what’s new.


1 )Newly-downloaded Apps Have “New” Banner



2) YouTube App was Moved to Second Page



3) Amber Alerts and Emergency Alerts

Credit: Reddit


4) International Support for Siri Location Services – Siri will offer location services for international users. Good news for those who don’t live in the US. (via Reddit)


5) Stocks App Somehwhat Available on the iPad – This may be removed, it seems it’s a holdover from the iPhone version, or something like that. The iPad does not have these apps on the Home Screen, however, with Siri’s new ability to launch apps, you can ask it to open Stocks. It’s the iPhone version, so it seems that it wasn’t Apple’s intent to make this happen. That brings us to our next feature. (via iDownloadBlog)


6) Notifications Now Cleared Up – In iOS 5, when you received a notification on one device, and checked it, it would still be on queue in the other. For instance, if you received an iMessage on your iPhone, you could clear that notification. However, when you get home, it’s still on your iPad. iOS 6 fixes that problem by clearing the notification across all devices. (via Apple ‘n’ Apps)


7) Apple’s Calendar App is Slightly Adjusted, Visually – This is something I may not have ever noticed otherwise. However, it seems that the weekdays in Apple’s calendar app were slightly off center. Apple has changed that with iOS 6. Take a look at the new layout. You may not see it right away, but pay close attention to the placement of the weekdays and where the thin blue lines cross:

iOS Calendar

(Image Credit Gizmodo)


8) Set Any Song to Be Your Alarm – This is great. We hated waking up to that annoying horror or sci-fi sound. Now, we can wake up to something we enjoy, like some KMFDM. Now iOS offers this feature within the system, rather than through a third-party app.


9) Privacy Settings Updated – Privacy settings have also been updated. Now users can view a list of the apps that have access to locations, contacts, etc. This allows users to turn things on or off individually to their liking.


10) Words not in iOS Dictionary Will Save Across All Devices  – This is another small but nice feature. One annoying thing about Autocorrect is that it can correct words you didn’t misspell. iOS will eventually learn those made up words. However, this now makes it so that all your devices learn the new words.


11) New Sharing Menu – When you share something in iOS, you have a new menu that fits the continuity of the rest of the system a bit better:



12) iTunes and App Store Have New Looks – The iTunes store and the App Store now have a new look. It seems that it will be easier to get around.


13) Music App Has a New Look, Too –  The Music App, formerly the iPod App, has a new look as well.


14) New Emoji –  There are new Emoji for users to send each other. We personally don’t use these much, but someone out there appreciates it. (via Gizmodo)


15) The iPad Now has a Clock App – The iPad now has the Clock app, and it doesn’t look bad:


(Image Credit: Gizmodo)


15) Shutdown Spinner Gets Retina Look – Yup. The little spinner that comes up when you are shutting down your iOS device was always a bit pixelated. With iOS 6, it’s getting a Retina update.


(Image Credit: TheNextWeb)


16) Spotlight Gets a Minor Update – Spotlight now tells you what folder an item you searched is buried in.


17) Call Back Later or Reply With Message – You can now have your iPhone ignore calls or take calls from specific persons. This was talked about at the WWDC keynote Monday. You can be reminded that someone called, or you can quickly reply with a message.


18) Reminders Gets an Update as well – Reminders can remind you to do something upon arriving at a set location. For instance, when you get to a destination after a long trip, you can have it remind you to call Mom or the significant other. The problem was that these addresses had to be in your address book. Not useful if it’s a place you don’t frequent. Now you can manually type in an address that you want iOS to set the reminder to.



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