A Comparison of iPhone 4S Cameras Against Point and Shoot and Full Frame DSLR Cameras


You ever wonder how an iPhone 4S compares to larger, more dedicated cameras? Now you can find out. There is a website called SensorSize. It’s a service that compares the sensor sizes of many popular cameras and puts them on a small graph giving you a clear visual of how they compare in size.

The comparison above, pulled up by the folks at Gizmodo, shows the iPhone 4S sensor compares to a Cannon PowerShot S100 and a Canon EOS 5D Mark III Full Frame. For someone like myself who doesn’t know jack about cameras, all it means to me me is that one is a phone camera, the other is the kind you buy at Walmart for a couple hundred bucks and the third one is like the kind that legit photographers use. Yup. That’s how I classify cameras.

Either way, you can check out SensorSize, and probably draw some better comparisons than I can by hitting this link: SensorSize

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