Apple Hides Bad Reviews of Apps Affected by App Store Bug

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Apple is trying to wrong a right by hiding bad reviews of apps that were affected by a bug in their App Store.

Over the Fourth of July holiday, an bug in Apple’s App distribution system seemed to break many popular apps. App updates like Instapaper, which had been fully functional upon their submission to Apple around the Fourth of July holiday, were not working for the users who had downloaded the update during that small window of time.

After several hours, the Apps started working again, and it was said that Apple had likely fixed the problem. Instapaper’s developer, Marco Arment, said it seemed that it was a bug on Apple’s end and went into detail about many of the apps that he knew were affected and how to fix the issue.

This caused a problem for developers as many were getting negative reviews for their apps crashing upon launch when it was no fault of theirs. Apple is now hiding bad reviews by moving the “Current Version” reviews to “All Versions” and reissued the App Update. This means that it will update on users’ devices without them having to delete and reinstall the app, and that the negative reviews won’t be prominent. This will help ease things for developers as they won’t have potential users read the negative reviews and skip out on the app.

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