Apple Releases OS X Mountain Lion Gold Master to Developers

Mac OS X Mountain Lion

Apple has released Mac OS X Lion Gold Master to developers. This normally means that the software is pretty much ready for a release.

GM software is typically what’s ready for the public, but is getting the final hands-on with developers. Unless anything system-breaking happens to be on the software, it’s ready to go out.

The software is set to release later this month, so perhaps we will see it in the next week or two if all goes well. It’s likely that Apple didn’t set a release date because they wanted to ensure that things were working as well as possible without being under pressure to release on a specific date.

Let’s hope to see something soon. It’s set to release this month for $20 on the Mac App Store. If it’s anything like OS X Lion was, it should be a painless update.

[via 9to5Mac]

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