Apple Wants to Increase Their Mobile Security With Acquisition



Apple has picked up AuthenTec, a fingerprint security company for $356 million. AuthenTek is known for creating fingerprint scanners that are used in computers and mobile devices.

Such technology can be used to increase security in future iOS devices or Macs. Others say that it may be Apple’s move to keep competitors from making the purchase themselves.

Website AllThingsD explains that the company is expected to develop some sort of technology for Apple by pointing out a section of the document attached to the company’s SEC filing:

The Restricted Information may be used solely for the purpose of developing a 2D fingerprint sensor for Apple that is suitable for use in an Apple product.

The documents do not mention a specific product, so it’s not clear whether such technology would be used for iOS devices like the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch or for Macs. Perhaps the answer is all of the above.

Either way, it’s too soon to know what their intent is, but we’re sure we will learn in due time.


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