At Last! Apple Removes Password Entry for Free Apps and Updates


Apple is removing the password entry requirement for app updates and free apps with iOS 6.

You know what’s kind of annoying on an iOS device? Trying to update one of your apps and having to enter a password. Especially if your password is alphanumeric, which is a good idea. However, it’s a pain to enter those things for quick app updates. After all, you already own the app—you just want the update.

This is a very welcome feature, because sometimes we just need a quick update or want a free app, and it’s a pain to type in longer, more complex passwords on an iPhone. We don’t mind it for app purchases, in fact, I love having it for App purchases, in order to make sure that someone doesn’t download something I don’t want at my expense. However, this is totally awesome.

[via Reddit]

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