Google Warned Samsung About Copying Apple


This is an interesting bit of info. According to Apple, Samsung was made aware of the fact that their devices very closely resembled the iPad and iPhone.

Apple’s claim is that Samsung’s devices and interfaces look too similar to their own, and that Samsung was well aware of it.

Here are some key points as highlighted by AllThingsD:

  • In February 2010, Google told Samsung that Samsung’s “P1” and “P3” tablets (Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Tab 10.1) were “too similar” to the iPad and demanded “distinguishable design vis-à-vis the iPad for the P3.”
  • In 2011, Samsung’s own Product Design Group noted that it is “regrettable” that the Galaxy S “looks similar” to older iPhone models.
  • As part of a formal, Samsung-sponsored evaluation, famous designers warned Samsung that the Galaxy S “looked like it copied the iPhone too much,” and that “innovation is needed.” The designers explained that the appearance of the Galaxy S “[c]losely resembles the iPhone shape so as to have no distinguishable elements,” and “[a]ll you have to do is cover up the Samsung logo and it’s difficult to find anything different from the iPhone.”

Well, this continues to get interesting. We’re sure there will be more coming from these two and their angry little patent battle.

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