How to Import Midi Files from Molten Drum Machine to Your DAW

We checked out Molten Drum Machine a few days ago and really liked the fact that it had a MIDI export feature. Here’s how to use it.

1) First, you will want to sequence a pattern in Molten:


This is a simple one we created  a few days ago.


2) Then you will hit the settings button on the lower middle portion of the screen:



3) Hit Export, and “Export MIDI File”:


4) You must now plug your iPad into your computer and launch iTunes.

5) Under the Apps tab of your iPad settings in iTunes, you will see File Sharing. Click on Molten. (Note: In case there is any confusion, the below screen is from iTunes on your Mac)


6) Find the MIDI file you saved. In our case it’s Autosave.mid.


7) Hit Save To, and save it to the location of your choice. We saved to the desktop for the sake of keeping the tutorial simple:

8) Now Open the document with the software of your choice. We right-clicked and chose Logic, as Reason is our default program for opening MIDI:


9) Allow the software to launch, and your MIDI File will be there:


10) Now, if you play it back, you will likely hear the default instrument, an electric Piano. Let’s fix that.

11) Simply choose the Ultrabeat in the channel strip, which is Logic’s built-in drum machine. We also shortened our sequence and deleted the other MIDI instruments.


12) That’s it. You now have your drum sequence in Logic.

Additional Information

Typically, we don’t sequence just like this. It’s useful for writing beats on the road. What we would normally do, if we created a sequence like the one above is separate each drum piece into an instance of Ultrabeat. In this case it would be a handful of Ultrabeats. One would be reserved for the kick, the other for the snare, etc. Less important sounds like the high hats would probably be placed on a single Ultrabeat. However, we like to process our drum sounds individually, and we prefer the freedom we get from creating individual instances of the drum machine to tweak in Logic.

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