How to More Accurately Display the Signal Strength On Your iPhone or Android


Most of the time, our smartphones show us a row of bars to give us an idea of what our current signal strength is. This isn’t entirely accurate. It’s just an approximation.

Getting a more accurate reading on the iPhone is actually quite easy, and does not require any special hack or jailbreak.

Here are the instructions:

Step 1: Dial *3001#12345#* on your iPhone then press Call.

Step 2: You’ll now enter Field Test mode. You’ll notice a signal strength indicator on the upper left hand corner of your screen. You can toggle between signal strength bars and a number by simply taping on it. At this point, press the home button to exit the app or if you would like the feature to be permanent, continue on. Don’t worry, the process is completely reversible.

Step 3: Hold down on the Power button until you see the ‘slide to power off’ bar. Do not power off the device.

Step 4: Press down on the Home button until the app closes and you return to your home screen.

That’s it. Even when restarting the iPhone, the signal strength can be toggled between bars and numbers. The closer your number is to zero, the stronger your signal is.


This is how to go back to the bars:

Step 1: Dial *3001#12345#* on your iPhone then press Call.

Step 2: Press on your Home Button once.


Android users can go to Settings>About Phone (which may be under Network or Status, depending on the handset)


Credit to RedmondPie and LifeHacker


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