How to Move Playlists from the iPhone to iTunes


Playlists have become a defining feature of the new music world where people often have so much musical content, and with such diversity, that it is hard to listen consistently without having to change it up.  Many web services have been built entirely on this playlist phenomenon, and on iTunes you have the ability to create playlists from your Library and then sync them over to your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPod Nano, or iPad.  But what if you are on your iPhone and want to make a playlist that you then will use on your home computer?  The features are actually built into the iPhone / iTunes sync structure to do this.

You begin by actually creating the playlist on your iPhone in the Music section.  Go into the Playlists tab and at the top of the list will be Add Playlist, which is above all of the playlists it has either stored or created.  You will be asked to name the new playlist first so that it can be identified.

Then you will be able to browse through your library and you can select the songs that you want added to the new playlist by choosing the “+” sign buttons.  The track will then turn grey, indicating that it has been added to the list.  Once you are satisfied with the tracks added to the list you can hit the Done button in the Playlists tab and the new playlist will be there under the selected name.  From this point you can go through and alter the order, delete tracks, or add them as needed.

If you want to sync this playlist to your computer from your iPhone then you will plug it in to your Home computer as you would with a normal sync.  Select the iPhone from under the Devices heading in the left hand column.  Go into the Music tab in the main panel, which is in between Tones and Movies.

Here you can choose to first select the Sync Music box, which will likely already be checked if you have been syncing music back and forth from your computer.  Below choose the “Selected playlists, artists, albums, and genres” option instead of the “Entire music library.  Go down and select the playlist from the Playlists section that you created on your iPhone.  Check that and then hit the Apply button in the lower right hand corner.  This will initiate a complete sync between the Home computer and the iPhone.

Once the sync is complete go back to the left hand panel and look under the Playlists heading.  Your playlist should be there, and when you select it the list will come up in the main iTunes panel.  You can then play it as you would with any playlist on your computer, as long as you still have the songs on your computer for iTunes to reference.

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