How to Take Good Pictures of Fireworks With Your iPhone


Here’s a very cool 4th of July piece. Gizmodo goes over some tips that will help you capture decent firework pictures with your smartphone.

There are quite a few tips in here. Bits of info like adjusting the exposure and focus (most smartphones simply have you tap the screen in order to do this) and why you shouldn’t zoom with your phone’s camera are covered in their how to.

Here are two of the tips:

• Pick a good spot in advance: Before the fireworks even start, you should try to get yourself in a good position: staying upwind of the fireworks will keep the smokey aftermath of previous blasts from gumming up your shot.

• Get steady: Remember, you’re taking photos at night so a little bit of shakiness from slower shutter speeds can turn your photo into a blurry mess. Brace yourself against a picnic table or even sit down on the ground if possible. If you’re in a crowd, get cozy with your neighbor for support.

As to not take the credit for their work, the rest can be read at Gizmodo.

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