iPad Mini Going into Production?

iPad Mini Mockup

Smaller iPad? Who knows

The iPad mini and its 7-inch screen is going into production, says a Wall Street Journal report. We often say we don’t believe these iPad mini reports, and it’s still hard to say we believe it’s real. However, the Wall Street Journal doesn’t exactly have a track record of screwing up Apple rumors.

In fact, the Journal has been very, very accurate in the past, so it gets us thinking if their sources say it’s happening.

In the past, they have reported on the iPad mini, but it was never said that it would be released, and seemed more like one of the many units Apple was testing out pre-iPad in order to find the ideal size.

Now that there is a market for 7-inch tablets like the Kindle Fire, many believe that it’s entirely possible that Apple will introduce a lower-priced iPad mini. We still think they would do well by selling older-generation iPads for dirt cheap—Look at the iPhone 3GS. That thing is a toy compared to current-generation smartphones. Still, Apple sells it because it’s cheap and it gets iPhones out there.

Bloomberg has a similar report to the Journal, and it comes from their own sources. They say much of the same, but mention that it will be announced in October and that it will not have a high-resolution Retina-style screen. Expect something more like the older-generation devices.

[via Ars Technica]


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