iPod Touch Also Rumored to be Getting a New Look This Year

iPod touch

We couldn’t expect the iPhone to get an updated screen without a new look for the iPod touch, could we? Well, maybe, but if current rumors are accurate, Apple isn’t going to forget about the iPod touch, either.

According to the reports, the new iPod will run on an A5 processor like the iPhone 4S. However, the back is said to be buffed aluminum, whatever that is. The render above shows more or less what it’s expected to look like. It’s hard to gauge the thickness, but it looks much like the iPod we are used to, but has the larger screen. Apple seems to intentionally keep the iPod touch a bit lower-spec than the current-gen iPhone models, so something similar to the iPhone 4S seems about right, and the camera is likely more like that of the new iPad.

Also rumored is a new iPod nano. If at all true, it will look similar to the iPod touch, but be smaller, and perhaps not nearly as fully-featured. That’s all speculation, and the nano usually seems like somewhat of a tester for Apple. They often radically change the design of that device and the iPod shuffle, more so than any the others. It always seemed like a way for them to see what consumers want (i.e. touchscreen, buttons, no buttons, etc).

We will surely find out more this fall as they announce the next line of iPhones, and possibly make a quick announcement of what the new iPod touch will be.

[via iPodNN]

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