Jay A-Jays Four Earbuds Hands-On (iSmashPhone Review)


We enjoy listening to music with our earbuds. Especially when they have sound isolators. Apple’s earbuds are okay, but they don’t have the plugs to isolate outside noise. They can also become very uncomfortable after a while as they aren’t very soft. There’s that, and the fact that they tangle like crazy.

Jay A-Jays Four earbuds are perfect for avoiding those tangles. The flat wire design makes them a big larger than we’d usually use, but the major plus is that they don’t tangle.

Typically, we use them at home, so the portability is no real issue. Either way, it’s nothing that wouldn’t fit in most pockets or in a bag or backpack.

We also like the fact that it has the controls. These were great for our iPhone 4S. We were able to play, pause, fast-forward, rewind and do all the regular stuff you’d do with playback. However, we did read that iPhone 3GS users won’t have the same level of control.

The price isn’t bad. It’s roughly what you’d expect for nice quality earbuds, but you won’t be paying Beats or Bose prices, either.

The best part, really, is the cord we mentioned. It’s a bit larger than you may like, but the fact that it doesn’t’ tangle is worth it. It is so great for reducing the hassle of untangling your headphones or earbuds every time you want to listen to music.


Technical Specification
Type 8.6 mm Dynamic Speaker
Sensitivity 96dB @ 1kHz
Impedance 16 Ohm @ 1kHz
Frequency Response 20 Hz – 21 000 Hz
Finish Rubber Coated / Metal finish
Isolation JAYS Sound Isolating Sleeves
Size (L)18.3 x (W)11.8 x (H)13.8 mm
Weight 14 grams (0.49 oz)
Type TPE coated flat tangle free cable
Size Width 5mm / Thickness 1.2mm
Length 115 cm (45 in)
Plug L-shaped Silver-Plated 3.5 mm Stereo Plug


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