New AT&T Service Could Help Prevent Stolen Smartphones

ATT Stolen Phones

AT&T is planning to announce a new service that may help prevent stolen smartphones by making them useless to a thief without the owner having to cancel their service.

According to the Verge, the service will let owners add the stolen device, be it tablet or smartphone, to a “block” list. The convenience of this is to avoid a full SIM block, says the report.

Furthermore, only the person who asked for the block may have it removed. Benefits to moves like this are that thieves eventually realize that there is little point to stealing a phone as the owner can simply block it to turn it into a useless piece of plastic and glass.

There are also services like Find My iPhone and equivalent for other devices. They allow users to track their missing devices as well as send signals and do remote wipes or locks. The problem here is that some thieves who have wised up to this can simply turn off the device to take it off the grid.

[via The Verge]


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