NoiseFree Sues Apple Over iPhone Noise Cancellation Technology


This isn’t the typical patent troll story we see on the internet. NoiseFree may actually have a case if their allegations are true.

They claim that Apple met with them many times and that they demonstrated their noise reduction technology to Apple behind closed doors back in 2008. They showed Apple engineers how it worked and what way behind the technology, as well as presentations and more.

They then say that Apple ceased communications with them and that they again got in touch around 2010, but Apple was trying to patent the technology under their own name and went with Audience to build some of the software and components.

Now NoiseFree is suing saying that they had the technology and had shown it to Apple. That’s a pretty bold claim, especially because they say they were showing this tech to the company. If true, they may have a very strong case.

[via Electronista]


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