PDF Reader iPhone Hands-On (iSmashPhone Review)


PDF Reader for iPhone is an app that lets you read documents as well as convert images to PDF format. You can combine documents to turn multiple pages into one PDF, and more.

The application starts by opening the manual, which is fairly detailed, but may seem like a lot to read at first. Still, it’s shorter than it looks, and it tells you a lot about how to operate the app. That said, it’s very straightforward, and you can figure out a good portion of the features by simply navigating around a bit.

You can save stuff within the phone, or a private folder as well as iCloud. This is useful for iOS users. We particularly like the ability to import and export from Dropbox, since that’s what we use the most. Whether it’s the best or not is up to the user, but it’s what we got used to, and it’s what we like.

There is also wifi sharing. With this, you are given an address to visit on your desktop computer. That is where you can download a specific document from your iPhone so long as you are on the same wifi network as the device.

How is This App Useful?

The app is very useful for converting documents to PDF when you don’t have a scanner. I personally don’t have one, because I can’t really justify buying one for the few times I would need it. However, I do have an iPhone, as to many of us out there. When I am trying to make copies of receipts for expenses or reimbursements, we are often asked for a PDF or other such document. This makes it easy to snap a photo or two, then combine and turn them into a PDF. It’s also nice because we don’t end up with a huge file as sometimes iPhone photos can be a couple of MB in file size. Though that’s ideal for photos, it’s not always ideal for two pages of information you want to send when someone asks for a receipt.

 Additional Features

Aside from the essentials, there are additional features that make the app extra useful. AirPrint is great if you have a capable printer, and this will be even better when it becomes a bit more of a standard (if it ever does). It also allows users to annotate PDFs. This isn’t something we use regularly, but it’s great for collaborating with others, or for reading. An example would be the manuals I have for some of my software. Most of these have information I may find useful or important. It’s nice to be able to highlight or underline important information.

The App is $1.99. It works well for our use. In fact, it does more than we will need as most of what we do with it doesn’t involve much more than taking a picture of a document, converting it to PDF and emailing it out.

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