Report: iPhone 5 Will Have a Thinner Screen

iPhone 5 Engineering Sample 2

The above is said to be an iPhone 5 engineering Sample next to the current-gen iPhone

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the next iPhone will have a thinner screen with in-cell technology. It’s the Journal, so we can count on this being fairly accurate.

According to their report, Sharp, Japan Display Inc. and LG Display are currently building the touch panels for the upcoming handset.

In-cell technology basically means that the the touch sensors are actually built into the LCD. This means that it’s thinner because the phone does not need a separate layer for the touch sensors. This means it will be about half a millimeter thinner, and the visual quality will be slightly improved. This may not sound like much, but when we are talking about devices that are only 9.3 mm thick to behind with, and fit in your pocket, small differences like that can mean a lot. This can be used to make the handset physically thinner, or to make more room for internal components.

[via Wall Street Journal]


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