Rumor: iPad Mini Will Be Designed Similarly to iPod Touch

 iPad Mini Mockup

Well, we thought the iPad already took some design ideas from the iPod touch. At least the concept of having a useful browsing device that fits in your hands, along with all the cool apps and more. However, the iPad mini, which has been rumored for quite some time, is said to be designed much like the iPod touch.

The main thing being that it’s said to be as thin as or almost as thin as the current-gen iPod touch. Other rumors say that it will likely be about the size of a Google Nexus 7 when it comes to height, but is likely to be wider.

If the rumors are true, Apple will probably market the smaller tablet as something more for content consumption, while the current tablet can be seen more as a device for content creation. Not too sure how much stock we put in that last part, unless Apple makes a very strong push for content creation on the current iPad. As it stands, the iPad many of us have in our homes right now isn’t exactly idea for major content creation. It will get you by, and can be used with a wireless keyboard, but it’s not the first device we think of when we decide we want to type something up.

[via iPodnn]

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