Rumor: iPad Mini Will Have an IGZO Display

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Ready for more iPad mini rumors? Thought so. The latest one says that the device will come equipped with an IGZO display.

Somehow, these rumors keep going around. Many believe that Apple will introduce an iPad mini in the near future. Perhaps it doesn’t seem likely, but they argue that Apple must to it in order to stay competitive with devices like the Kindle Fire.

It’s hard to say what Apple has planned, but we don’t imagine an iPad mini being in the works. It seems more plausible (given their history) that they would rather just drop prices on older-generation models and sell those at a more consumer-friendly price.

The report also says that Apple will sell the tablet at $249 and it will have a 7.85-inch display at 330ppi, which is higher than the iPhone 4S.. A higher-end model will run $299, this one is likely to have  more storage capacity.

Yeah, we aren’t counting on this one, either. Thanks, analysts—keep doing your analyzing.

[via CultofMac]


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