Rumor: The iPod Nano Will Have a Totally New Design


According to a recent report, the iPod nano will have a totally new design. It’s been redesigned multiple times, going from what looked like a smaller iPod to a short, squatty thing and now a touchscreen device. Chances are it may change again.

A new form-factor would be no huge surprise. It seems that Apple is not afraid to play with the design. It’s always seemed like a device that Apple likes to experiment with, just as they do with the shuffle. Those two change radically each generation, and it seems that they are almost testers for what people want in an iOS device. That’s why they have gone with everything from scaled-down iPods to buttonless sticks with nothing more than a clip, and more.

If the latest report is accurate, the new nano will be rectangular and have a Home Button. It would likely look a bit more like a slimmed down iPod touch, and will have the multitouch screen like other Apple devices.

The rumor comes from Macotakara, which has been pretty spot-on in the past with this sort of thing. Tho the question some have is whether the device will run iOS. It seems more likely that it will run something more like the current nano, which is the original iPod OS made to look like iOS.

Also rumored is a new iTunes service. Which is similar to previous reports we’ve heard about Apple trying to trim down iTunes a bit.

[via Cult of Mac]

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