See the iPad Before it was the iPad



Here are some photos of the iPad before it was actually the iPad. They are a prototype from the early 2000s. It’s amazing to see how long ago the iPad was an idea. It’s also crazy to see how much the design was changed over time.

It looks a lot like the iPods, iBooks and iMacs of the time. It’s white with what looks to be a grey Apple logo (the images are black and white, so it’s a bit hard to tell). It’s also a much thicker iPad, we figure it’s also rather heavy. Perhaps it just wasn’t ready for primetime (even though back then it would have been something to behold). Either way, you may remember that a couple years back Steve Jobs spoke at D8 saying that the iPad was an idea before the iPhone. However, he liked the UI so much that he told himself it would be great for a phone. Development on the tablet was held over for a while as they worked on a touchscreen phone.

Here are some images of the tablet:

[via VentureBeat]

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