Steve Jobs Named One of Time Magazine’s 20 Most Influential Americans of All Time

 Steve Jobs

Time recently released a list of the 20 most influential Americans of all time. It’s sorted chronologically, so Steve Jobs is last on the list. Also included are folks like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, Martin Luther King Jr. and Muhammud Ali.

Here’s a small bit:

His business career started where all the best Silicon Valley stories begin: with two pals fiddling with computers in a garage. While IBM and other large firms were creating huge mainframe machines, Jobs and his software-genius partner, Steve Wozniak, cooked up the first small personal computer, the Apple II. Then, thanks to a visit to Xerox’s local research lab, Jobs got a glimpse of the future: a computer with a graphical design interface, operated by a mouse. Inspired, he drove his Apple team to create a giant stride forward in digital design, the Macintosh computer.

You can read about some of his work and a brief overview of his life in the piece. It’s a quick few paragraphs listing some of his most noteworthy accomplishments. You can see the piece at Time’s website, as well as check out the full list: Link

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