Story on Steve Jobs and His Notoriously Tough Management Methods


Wired has an interesting story on Steve Jobs and his notorious ways of running Apple. It’s no secret, and it’s really nothing new, but there are just so many stories to read about Steve Jobs and the Apple grew into the most successful company in the world.

Here’s an excerpt showing how he liked to run the show:

Soon after Steve Jobs returned to Apple as CEO in 1997, he decided that a shipping company wasn’t delivering spare parts fast enough. The shipper said it couldn’t do better, and it didn’t have to: Apple had signed a contract granting it the business at the current pace. As Walter Isaacson describes in his best-selling biography, Steve Jobs, the recently recrowned chief executive had a simple response: Break the contract. When an Apple manager warned him that this decision would probably mean a lawsuit, Jobs responded, “Just tell them if they f**k with us, they’ll never get another f***ing dime from this company, ever.”

Yeah, he didn’t fool around.

You can check it out by hitting the following link: Wired.

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