SuperTooth Crystal Bluetooth Car Speaker Hands-On (iSmashPhone Review)


Bluetooth in car speaker systems is relatively new. That means most of our cars don’t the technology. Luckily, there is SuperTooth’s Crystal Bluetooth car speaker. It basically gives you a bluetooth setup without the need to do all the installation and deal with other tedious stuff.

We tested out the original, and we liked it. It gave us the ability to speak on our iPhone hands-free and not have to take things apart and pull out a tool set.

It’s also nice because most cars don’t have a Bluetooth setup (unless you bought a new car very recently). We always liked the original, and we used it almost daily, even after we were through with the review.

We like that it shows a battery life indicator for the device so

You clip it to your car’s visor, and use it to talk hands-free. It has most of the controls you will need, and keeps you from having to use the iPhone’s built-in speakerphone, which others will have a difficult time hearing you on if the thing’s not right next to your face.

We recommended it before, and we still recommend the unit. The last model was excellent, but this one is even better.

You can check it out here: SuperTooth Crystal

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