The Story Behind the Zebra Photo on the Retina Display MacBook Pro


You know that picture of the zebras running through the grass? Well, there is an interesting story behind how it was shot. The photographer behind the picture was Steve Bloom. He went to Botswana, equipped with his Canon EOS 1N.

According to the story, he spent three days trying to grab the perfect shot, but he was having horrible luck. The first day, farmers were burning stubble to clear their fields, and he couldn’t fly around in the helicopter. Smoke from the fields forced him to stay on the ground those first two days. On the third day, they flew and here’s what he said:

The clouds momentarily parted to let the morning light in and we found the zebras moving in the swamp. The encounter was brief. The diaphanous light faded quickly; the weather closed in behind us.

It’s pretty cool, and it’s always nice when things work out like that in life. Sometimes, you feel that the odds are against you, and that things are not going to work out. Suddenly, by some awesome stroke of luck, things end up totally rocking.

[ Digital Photography Review via Cult of Mac]

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